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Pretty Pastel Tunic in Breathable Fabric

Long sleeve tunic for the beach

I know what you are probably thinking. ANOTHER post from gorgeous Cancun. We get it Megan you went to Mexico, geesh. Ha! I promise this is my last outfit post featuring those gorgeous jewel toned waters. I mean who can resist that? I need to go again. Like right now. As you know, I'm having to cover up a little more right now from the harsh sun. I had a spot checked that had to be removed as pre-cancerous and I'm in full protection mode. Luckily there are so many fun ways to enjoy time...

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The White Frayed Jeans You Need

Greek inspired blouse and white frayed jeans

Today is another day of Moms Do Spring Style, a series where we are highlighting looks for the upcoming season. We also have a killer giveaway for a Nordstrom gift card so make sure to enter! Right now I am all about these white frayed jeans. Sure my saying that you NEED them might feel dramatic but they are definitely a wardrobe staple that will get in your weekly rotation for the next several months. Since I was headed to Mexico last week I had decided it was time to update my white jeans. I've been...

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Pretty in Pink and White

Secret Celebrity Sandals

It's Labor Day weekend and while that may be the official end of summer it, by no way means, I'm putting away my white jeans and sandals. I, of course, love my fall fashion, including boots, but knowing that there will most likely be a long winter ahead makes me want to cling to my sandals as long as possible. And the same goes for lighter color combos like pink and white. With one week of pre-K under our belts and lots of travel and new schedules, this Labor Day weekend we are staying close to...

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Linen Tunic

J. Jill Tunic

I'm sneaking my white in these days. Yes, I hear you loud and clear, and I agree, white CAN and SHOULD be worn year round. We don't have to succumb to the ol' Labor Day rules these days. However, I still wear white most often in the summer months when things are super hot. These white cropped jeans and bright linen tunic scream summer fabrics to me which is perfect considering we get some crazy humidity here in Annapolis in July and August. The linen tunic has some great stitching detail and I love the length. The key...

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How to Wear White Jeans to Work

white white

Have you ever wondered how you can get away with wearing your white jeans to work? Well, wonder no more. We're back with another edition of Work Wear Wednesday and today we're focusing on business casual wear. White jeans are a perfect example of what works for business casual in Florida. We're pretty laid back here, so many offices welcome jeans. While I see nothing wrong with rockin' jeans at work, the name of the game here is making sure that your look is pulled together...

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