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My First Felt Hat

Winter Black Hat

Have you ever wondered if you can pull of a felt hat? You know the ones that grace the covers of magazines and are all over Pinterest come fall? Well I've been super intimidated to try out a felt hat but really loved the style. My fears basically circled around a few basic questions. What if I look like a goofball and what do I do with the hat once inside? Can you wear it at a dinner table at a restaurant? Once I decided I was ready to put my fashion fears aside and give it...

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Three Winter Meal Ideas

There is something about winter that makes me want to squirrel up inside my home and snuggle with my little family. So, we don't tend to eat out as much in the cold weather months. To be fair, my hubs does a lot of the cooking because he likes and he's darn good at it. But I try to fit my share of meal prep in to. Thankfully I have a bestie and mama who are very creative in the kitchen, so I have a wealth of ideas that they've shared to draw from. And...

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Poncho Power

Did you think I was over ponchos? No way! Not this girl. Winter weather has finally found it's way to Florida, so I'm thrilled to actually be able to rock my favorite winter piece where I live! In fact, I picked up a gorgeous Topshop tassel hooded poncho at Nordstrom for my London and Paris trip in November and have only just recently been able to bring it out to play here in the sunshine state. For this look, I decided to pair my favorite new poncho with distressed skinny jeans and J. Jill ankle boots....

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Our Favorite Winter Skincare Products

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. It's ridiculously hot here in Florida most of the year, so when winter finally brings some cooler temps with it, I'm beyond thrilled. Colder weather can be murder on my skin, however, so I'm grateful for products that help me keep my skin in top top condition so I can get outside and have some winter fun. And a few of my favorite products for winter skincare are RoC's Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream, Retinol Sensitive Eye Cream and Daily Resurfacing Disks. You definitely don't want to abandon your anti-aging regimen...

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Healthy Winter Looks

Healthy Winter Skin

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Target via Mode Media. With a chill in the air, I can already feel the effects of winter weather starting to affect my skin. Can you? As the rough weather starts, temperatures start to dip and we have the heat on nearly all the time, that’s when it's time for my beauty routine to change. Between dry skin and lips, nails that crack and hair that needs extra attention, the winter always has me swapping out and adding to my normal regimen. Plus, with the holidays approaching it's important that...

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Champagne Saturday: Brrrrr!

Tonight I have a rare treat in store.  An old friend and college bestie who I rarely get to see is in town with her husband.  Poor things are off sightseeing in this ice cold weather (its 25 degrees here and no I'm not kidding) but luckily we are meeting up tonight for a little reunion that will be sure to take our minds off this unbearable weather.  Clearly I'm still a Florida girl at heart!  Floyd has never met them and I can't wait for us to all get together! In an effort to...

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No Blizzard Can Stop Fashion Week!

I know it's been silent on our end for a few days and that's only due to the whirlwind that was caused by the blizzard. Megan was able to take a train and get to New York earlier in the week and after dealing with canceled flights and a ton of annoyed customer service reps, I was able to snag a seat on a Thursday morning flight and make my way up with moments to spare. I mean Thursday was the first day of New York's Fashion Week and I couldn't let a pesky little...

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