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Champagne Saturday: Under the Weather

So, I had fully intended on giving you an outfit post tonight, but I feel a cold coming on. You know how it is. You aren’t totally miserable yet, but you just feel off. I’m on strict orders to take it easy, get in my jammies and start downing the vitamin C. Yeah, I boss myself around. Don’t you? I wish my vitamin C was going to include some bubbly like Meg’s…Le sigh.


I’m sorry I had to bail on you lovelies. I’ll make it up to you on Monday. Hopefully I will have successfully warded off this bug that’s rearing its ugly head.  I won’t leave you totally hangin’ though…Here a couple of giveaway winners…The Stella & Dot necklace goes to Liz from Idle Fascination and the Poppy Papers personalized stationery winner is Kelsey from The Capital Barbie. Email us when you can ladies!


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