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Online Savvy Shopping and $250 Giveaway From American Express

It was 11:00am on a hot summer morning.  That day’s flash sale email with its oh so fabulous details blinked across my screen.  I was multitasking at work on another monitor and out of the corner of my eye spied a vintage world map.  Immediately I squealed with delight and after briefly reading the description hit the check out button on my shopping cart with zeal. After all, this would make a great gift for Floyd and he is SO not easy to shop for.  A few days later the map arrived and I am sad to say I was beyond disappointed.  It was much smaller than I’d thought and the frame was pretty cheap looking.  And you guessed it, being a flash sale there were no refunds or exchanges being offered up.  Me and this map, we were stuck with each other.  This was most definitely one of my biggest shopping snafus.

I love my online shopping but mistakes like this are easy to make if we’re not paying attention or shopping smart. That’s why we are participating in the American Express savvy online shopper program.  To help make sure we all stay smart online!  Here are a few tips for online shopping that I try and follow:

1. Take the time to read the fine print! If only I had paid closer attention that day and read the measurements in more detail, or looked harder at the frame quality.  Even knowing that there would be no refund headed my way might have swayed me to make a different decision that was less painful on my wallet.

2. Pay with the same credit card every time and, by all means, do not use a debit card. By using one credit card in particular for all your online shopping, it will be easier to track down how you paid if something should, sadly, go amiss with the retailer.  And making sure that it’s not your debit card will help make sure you can get a full credit back when disputing charges without affecting the much-needed-bill-paying cash in your bank account!

3. Get rewarded. Use a credit card that offers up rewards whether it’s travel points, cash back or some other incentive.  After all, you work hard for those splurges, why not make sure they work for you in return?!  We use and love our American Express Membership Rewards for this exact reason!

Now it’s your turn.  Have an online shopping mistake or horror story to share?  Dish it up in a comment and enter to win the Online Savvy Shopping giveaway!

American Express

Giveaway: One lucky BonBon Rose Girls reader will win $250 in gift cards or merchandise through Membership Rewards partners.  To enter, simply submit a comment telling us your own biggest online shopping mistake.  Entries will close November 15, 2011, Midnight EST.

Prize: Winner may choose from Saks Fifth Avenue,, Neiman Marcus gift cards (denominations: $50, $100, $250) and the following merchandise: North Face Denali Jacket (Retail $165), Michael Kors Hamilton Medium Messenger Bag (Retail $248.00), Dooney and Bourke Dillen II Satchel (Retail $248.00), and TUMI Ducati Tank Medium Backpack (Retail $245.00).

Discosure: We were compensated for this post.  However all opinions expressed are our own.


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