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Halloween with Westfield Family

Who doesn't love seeing little ones all decked out in their oh so cute Halloween costumes? I think they are all just ridiculously adorable, so we decided to go to the Westfield Family Spooktacular Costume Contest with our own wee kiddo. There was only one issue however. Jake flat out refused to wear his lion costume that I had so carefully selected. Sure, it was a little snug and included a furry head piece, but I was pinning my hopes on having our very own first adorable Halloween on that costume. In the end though, rather...

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Monday Mingle: Mountain Style

Happy Monday lovelies! One week ago today, I was still on vacation in beautiful Clayton, GA. As you my remember from some of our past posts, my family has a little place up there in the Blue Ridge Mountains and we try to visit it at least once a quarter if we can. Whether that means I head up there with just my mom and the kids or the hubs joins in on the fun, our family can't get enough of our special little getaway...

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