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Gallery Walls

Have you ever looked around and realized that for all the thousands of photos you take not that many are on display? This happened to me recently, so we’ve decided to incorporate a gallery wall that will include both artwork and family photos. The only thing is that I need to decide on a location in our house and my gallery wall style. Surprisingly when I started looking I gravitated towards gallery walls that were colorful and mismatched.  This surprised me because I tend to be a little on the, shall we say detailed, side of things.

Here are a few I’m diggin’ with the first and last as my favorites, you? After all, when I’m visiting someone else’s house I truly love looking at their photos and artwork.  It’s like being a voyeur but in a good way, hee hee. What’s your gallery wall style?! Anyone have pics to share?

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

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Megan Yarmuth

  • Jessica @The Mom Creative

    Yes, I just did a gallery wall in our home. Check it out, though still in progress:

    October 11, 2013 at 2:39 pm Reply

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