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A Casual Chic Look…Nashville Style

This post is sponsored, but the opinions expressed are my own.


Last night was the second episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives and, as I predicted, drama came out to play. It’s reality TV after all…It couldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows forever.

After being introduced to Cassie and Erika’s friendship, as well as Cassie’s journey to finalize her sweet baby girl’s adoption and Erika’s struggle to step away from her role as a stay at home mom, I found myself liking them even more. They just seem like genuinely sweet, down to earth girls. On the other side of the coin are Ana and Jenny who have, let’s say feistier, personalities. Somewhere inn the middle are Sarah and Betty. I feel like they might be playing peacekeepers down the road, but I digress…

After Erika’s country singer husband took her kiddos on tour with him, she put together a girls’ night. Unfortunately, the ladies all seemed to have different definitions of girls’ night…Jenny and Ana thought Erika’s tame version of girl’s night made her a stick in the mud and while she was definitely a bit buttoned up, she’s clearly trying and I think they need to cut her a break. Who’s with me?

While most of the episode focused on the divide in the group, we did get to see Sarah perform. I find it endearing that despite being married to an incredibly successful songwriter, she’s willing to put in the work and play gigs that a less humble person might turn her nose up at. Once again, I loved her on stage look and used it as inspiration for this week’s episode inspired, casual chic outfit.

This is the kind of look you can rock when you have a hot date, but still want to be comfortable. A flowing, yet not oversized blouse and boyfriends are the epitome of comfort, while the smokin’ hot heels add some sex appeal! Are you diggin’ the necklace? We’re giving one away…Enter to win it here!

So, are you tuning into Private Lives of Nashville Wives on Mondays too lovelies? Who’s your favorite wife?

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