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Signature Fall Cocktail: Apple Cider Mimosas

Apple Cider Mimosa

Apple Cider Mimosas are perfect for any of your fall entertaining fun, including a gathering like a post-Thanksgiving brunch. Something tells me that leftover pie would go perfect with this, ha!

During a recent fall themed bridal shower I hosted with friends, our friend, Ashley, poured Apple Cider Mimosas as the signature cocktail. They were so easy and delicious, I just had to share them with you.

Of course, we certainly aren’t opposed to serving a tasty cocktail on Thanksgiving too. I’m sure whoever is doing the cooking could use one!

Apple Cider Mimosa

Apple Cider Mimosa

How to make the Apple Cider Mimosas Recipe


  • Simply fill 2/3 of a glass with your favorite sparkling wine.
  • Next, pour in the apple cider for the remaining third.
  • Garnish with a few apple slices and cheers.

It’s that easy to whip up our apple cider mimosas to celebrate your fall festivities of choice!

For me having a very easy signature cocktail is so helpful when hosting. It can really set the party atmosphere when you hand one off to guests as they are walking in. Or I even like to set out a tray right by the front door. But if you select a signature cocktail that is too complicated it can be distracting or messy and no one wants that either.

I think that’s why this Apple Cider Mimosa is just spot on.

Give the gift of Apple Cider Mimosas!

Of course, you could even take the supplies, wrap them up all cute and take them to a party or give as a gift. How fun would that be? I just went apple picking with the kids and this is a great way to use them all up. They had a contest to see who could pick the most so now I’m pretty flush with apples, ha.

No shame in my Apple Cider Mimosa game!

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