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Resolutions and Favorite Exercise Gear

Exercise Gear 2016

Now that we are mid-way through the first week in January, I feel like I should be all in with some of my resolutions. And yet here I am, still struggling to get some mojo and be motivated. I really do have good intentions of starting some healthier habits in the new year, I swear! But I'm really just feeling like I need a good kick in the pants or something to get going. I don't know maybe its the fact that January is a long cold, dark month and I am still recovering from the...

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5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Car

Is your car messy? If you're often in the car or have kids, it's very likely that your car is less neat than it could be. You may think wistfully back on when you first got it and how bare everything was then. You can't get your car completely empty again, but you can get it organized! If you want your car to be neater, you need these 5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Car! 1. Use the Center Console and Glove Box Appropriately Do you throw all sorts of random odds and ends into your...

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