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5 Gift Worthy Jewelry Boxes

I recently received a gorgeous jewelry box as a gift.  And I love it!  I mean, I opened that gift and just gasped with delight.  It was so unexpected and truly a perfect gift.  And it inspired me for Mother’s Day.  I think a jewelry box would be a great gift to send to my Mom this year.  Here are the top 5 favorites that I found:

I love both the worn look of the leather and the slide out tray from this Pottery Barn box!

The perfect gift for the lady who just can't get enough Tiffany's! Plus it's precious enough to sit on any accent table.

A distressed find from Etsy. My mom would love the shabby chic feel of this jewelry box.

Another pretty find from Etsy, and speaking to the Cherry Blossom DC girl in me!

Not technically a jewelry box, but what a great idea for a sentimental box that can be inscribed with a message. Husbands listening out there, this would be a great gift idea that would ensure tears of joy!

What do you think?  Are jewelry boxes a Mother’s Day do?

Megan Yarmuth

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