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5 Halloween Cocktails

It’s nearly Halloween and this is THE weekend to be hosting parties and going out to celebrate. Even if you are having a kid-friendly affair its fun to go all out with your food and drinks. Let’s get our Hocus Pocus on!

One of the easiest ways I think you can instantly set the tone of a party is with a signature cocktail. It doesn’t have to be something you serve all night. It can be one great drink and then switching to beer and wine (or water!) but there is nothing like being greeted with a festive drink right when you walk in. It just screams a good time to be had! (see what I did there, ha) There is nothing worse that stressing that your party will be a dud. A great cocktail greeting gets people talking, walking and smiling.

Here are 5 very easy Halloween Cocktails that you can brew up this weekend. And yes, I do mean easy! To me the worst is needing to go to 5 stores to find the perfect cocktail ingredients. Nobody has time for all that. These are all accessible ingredients to make your party shopping a breeze. Happy haunting!

Five Halloween Cocktails

  1. Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshakes. These are so cute and fun and if kids are invited, why not whip up a bourbon free version for them too?!

Frank-n-Brew Halloween Cocktail

2. Frank-n-Brew. Grab a bottle of white tequila and a few items right from your grocery store to make this creepy yet delicious punch cocktail. Bonus, if you can float some eyeballs around the bowl!

Apple Cider Mimosa Halloween Cocktail

3. Apple Cider Mimosa. Hosting a calm affair? This simple chic cocktail is perfect for a morning pumpkin painting party!

Pumpkin white russian halloween cocktail

4. Pumpkin White Russian. With all that talk about Russia lately, ehhhh, why not greet guests with this fall themed drink with a little wink about all those emails.

Apple Shooters

5. Irish Apple Pie Shooters. Sure to get a grown-up party started, these shooters are impressive looking and delicious! Turn up the music and have a blast!

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