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5 Ways to Quickly Decorate for Fall

Being on the road so much means that I am WAY behind on any fall decorating.  This weekend I’ve got to show some major progress or my neighbors might end up coming over and rescuing my front steps on their own. I have the best neighbors and yes this has been threatened, ha! Our summer flowers are still somehow surviving in their large pot by the front door and I haven’t had the heart to remove them.  But it’s time.  Actually it’s past the time.  So, last night Kristin and I were chatting (she often keeps me occupied on my long drives home, isn’t she the best?) and I was explaining the situation that is my house sans-fall decor.  We reflected on how we loved that growing up, and still to this day, her Mama changes out the house from a spring/summer look to a more fall/winter look using accessories.  Now, I’m still at the point in my house where rooms don’t have quite enough furniture (or any) and there’s no huge surplus of decorating supplies stored in the basement.  I’m working on it, but I’m still a few years away to having it all come together.  So, instead we came up with some ways I could change out the house without spending much or having to commit to furniture that I haven’t decided on yet.  Here’s what we came up with, although please send me any other suggestions.  I’d love to hear how you all work it!

1) Candles. Lots of em. And by changing out those summer hues to oranges, creams and even this rich purple, the look becomes instantly season appropriate.

2)  Adding berries and leaves to tablescapes and mantles is a great inexpensive way to get the look for less.   So far this has been my only fall project, but I still love these candles on the table.  I think I need more of this look throughout the overall house.

3) Swapping out bright throw pillows for options in velvets and rustic colors can help take the summertime out of the family room.

West Elm Velvet Throw pillows

4)  Having cozy throws on the couch and over chairs.  I personally love fun faux fur throws or the very East Coast plaids.

Target Plaid Throw

5) Leaves and pine cones at this time of year are beautiful, but why not spray paint branches bright orange or gold for a more dramatic centerpiece or interesting mantel? I haven’t found any photos but I think this might be a good weekend project, especially since we have a hike planned….

How about it, any other ideas I can do on a decorating budget?!  Hurry, before the neighbors come and kidnap me and take me to the local pumpkin patch!


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