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5 Ways to Wear Maxis this Summer

The warm weather is among us and one of my favorite staples for summer happens to be my trusty maxi dresses (and skirts). They’re easy, breezy and come in an array of color, prints and shapes. Plus, they’re universally flattering for all shapes and sizes (yes, even us petites can rock them!)

Here Are 5 Of My Favorite Ways to Wear Maxis in the Summertime…

1. Prints

maxi dress

One of my favorite and most popular picks for maxi dresses is bold prints in neutral-like colors. I always opt for a cinched waist because it helps keep my 5’3 frame from getting drowned in all the fabric, plus it gives the illusion that I’m taller, especially when wedges are involved.

2. Slimming Separates

maxi skirt

As a woman I always love the illusion of a slimmer curved figure, so slimming pieces are always appreciated when it comes to clothing. Picking dark hues that sit on the waist helps trick the eye that there’s a perfect hour glass shape. Steer clear from overly slim fitting pieces if you’re trying to conceal more, a little bit of flare in a maxi is always a nice touch of bohemian feel.

3. Sheer

maxi dress

Let’s be real, the summer heat is hard to beat and we need a little breeze every now and then. Being in Florida and by the water, I get lucky with breezes, which makes wearing my sheer long sleeve maxi so easy to wear in the summer. Sheer is a fun trend to play with. It’s perfect for throwing over your suit or layering underneath…I usually go for a little slip or shorts. Don’t forget to leave something to the imagination.

4. Color

maxi skirt

I always tell my clients never to be afraid of color, I know it’s overwhelming and sometimes can be over the top, but paired with the right accessories or separates it can be perfectly easy and fun to wear. If you’re nervous about this season’s neons and pastels think deep hues like raspberry, navy and emerald.

5. Adding Accessories

maxi dress

maxi skirt

I love my maxi dresses but I can’t always just chalk it up to my lengthy gown, sometimes the accessories really make the look work. Whether it’s a pair of platform wedges or maybe a brilliant scarf, hat or bag, it’s always fun to play with accessories to snazz up a simple dress (or skirt).

Don’t forget to have fun. Playing with style is all about having fun while finding out what works and doesn’t work for you! A Big Thank you to Kristin (and Megan) for having me on BonBon while you’re bonding with my your little lady, I can’t wait to ‘meet’ her! Xo. Don’t forget to stop by The Frugalista Diaries and say Hi!

Hugs and thanks to Megan for her fabulous guest post! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her rock a maxi in person and I assure you, she definitely proves that maxis need not be off limits to us height challenged gals!

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