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Monday Mingle: Chic Athleisure Wear for Fall

What is the number one thing us busy mamas want when it comes to athleisure? Comfort of course! If I'm turning to athleisure pieces, it means I have a serious day ahead and want to be able to run around without worrying about uncomfortable clothes or shoes. That being said, just because comfort is ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Comfy, Yet Cute Fall Style

As November draws close, I find myself wanting the comfiest of looks more and more. Comfy, yet cute fall style is most necessary this time of year.Thanksgiving pep will lead way to holiday shopping mania and mama needs to be able to run around tackling errand after errand without worrying about ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Wardrobe Basics

We each have those go-to pieces in our closet that we wear all the time and can be styled a million different ways right? Well, for me, one of those wardrobe basics is the classic v-neck tee. I buy them from Target in bulk. No joke. When I went to Europe last winter I literally went to Target and ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Neon for Spring

Before we get to this week's topic of choice, neon, we have some sad, but also exciting news. Carly is no longer with us, but we're thrilled to welcome Cheryl, from Oh to Be a Muse, to our Monday Mingle family. We know you're going to love her style as much as we do! And while Carly has moved on, ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: How to Wear Turquoise in the Winter

There are colors that I wear every spring and summer, the warm weather seasons if you will, and turquoise is one of them. While cobalt is my official happy color, you the color that makes me smile every time I put it on, turquoise runs a very close second. In fact, even though it's a traditional ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: How to Wear Jumpsuits

Today's topic is something that's been hotly debated in my house. Ok, it wasn't so much a debate as me asking my husband if he liked jumpsuits, him saying no and me wailing whyyyyyyyyy? Haha! Let me start by saying I've always loved jumpsuits. I remember my mom wearing some fabulous jumpsuits when I ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Minions Movie Date

First all, let me say that Kristin and all my Florida friends are knee deep in water, literally. Our thoughts are with you all as you try to save your homes and belongings from water damage. Hopefully some sunny days will be on the forecast soon! With all that rain, its no wonder that I'm showing ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Turquoise Inspired

When I was on a romantic getaway in Sedona with my honey, I came across this beautiful turquoise ring. It was my one souvenir and I couldn't have chosen any better. This little bauble has proven to be ridiculously versatile...and I've found  myself slipping it on more days than not this summer. If ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Fourth of July Style

With the 4th of July right around the corner, it seems only fitting for this week's Monday Mingle outfit post to have a patriotic element. This holiday has always been a big deal in our house. The dude was born around this time, so we get to celebrate our nation and our kiddo at the same time! So, ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Still Loving Radiant Orchid

Remember last year's big IT color radiant orchid? Well, I'm still loving it just as much as ever. I picked myself up a prezzie in the form of a radiant orchid statement bag about a year ago and it's coming out to play as much this summer as it did last summer. As you can see from an outfit I rocked ... READ the POST