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A Cancun Vacation In Photos

So you may have heard but I took a little vacay last week.  That’s right, we up and snuck off to Cancun for a little R&R.  The nerve!!  We usually take trips that are more museums and action, but decided to cash in our Marriott points somewhere that would allow us to eat, drink and be sleepy.  So we packed our bags, paid the $20 fees for having them, and boarded our super-full Air Tran flight.  But hey, it’s all good.  This story ends with a frosty big drink.  In a land where calories don’t count because, “Hey, I’m on vacation!”  Hurricane Paula did hit while we were there but her bark was bigger than her bite, and it turned into a day’s worth of light rain followed by stunning weather.  Other than that we literally swam, walked on the beach, read cheesy Nora Roberts books (well only I did that one) and really fell in love with MTV Mexico!  Here are pics from our trip courtesy of my camera toting hubby.  Or you can check out my video recap here.

Places in Cancun we heart (please note that some of this may be due to the out of season lack of crowds)
Aqua World – We took the Jungle Tour which was a jet ski ride through mangroves into the ocean, leading to a snorkel spot.  Speed and swimming, what’s not to love?
El Shrimp Bucket – So fun and the best guac ever!
JW Marriott – Quiet winding pools and no hassle when we brought our own cooler down. (Plus we used points.  Nough said!)

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