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A Lighter Cheesy Pasta Bake

A Lighter Cheesy Pasta Bake

If you read the header, you’re probably thinking, “Say what?! Meg’s gone and lost her marbles. AGAIN!” But I’m standing by this meal as a lighter version of a classic comfort food, the baked ziti. I’m working steadily at saying so long to these last 10 lbs of Starbucks muffins and Hagen Dazs baby weight, so when I saw this recipe in Cooking Light I scrutinized it. I mean how could it be true?! HOW?! A dish that has pasta AND cheese?! Humph.

But as I read the details, I noticed a few key points. First, the meat is all turkey (both ground and sausage), the cheese is minimal and really just enough to satisfy, and last, it even uses a lower sodium marinara. Knowing these three things, I scoffed at my magazine thinking there was no way it could be good. And then I noticed the best part of this recipe. It takes 1/2 cup of red wine. That means there is still a good portion remaining on the counter next to a lovely glass just waiting for the cook. Now we’re talking! So, I tried it and low and behold this cheesy pasta bake was a crowd pleaser.

A Lighter Cheesy Pasta Bake

To try your own hand at this recipe you can find it here.  Bon appetit!


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