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A Swimsuit Worthy of its Price Tag

You mamas know that the few months following the birth of your precious wee ones can be a bit traumatic when it comes to accepting your figure. Things take a while to go back to “normal” even if you’re faithfully exercising. So, buying a swimsuit isn’t exactly high on my list if you know what I’m saying. I do, however, live in Florida and my little dude loves the water, so I can’t just refuse to put one on. Finding one that I’ll feel comfortable in is going to be no easy feat I’m sure.

tidal stripes maillot

Happily, this beautiful striped maillot from Anthropologie caught my eye. It’s so pretty, the thought of putting it on doesn’t feel me with AS much dread as say, a bikini. Haha! Priced at $158.00, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but it just may be worth the splurge! Do y’all invest in swimsuits or are you bargain hunters when it comes to swimwear?


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