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Fall Trend: Animal Prints

Happy Monday lovelies. I hope ya'll had fabulous weekends! It rained like cats and dogs here in Tampa, so we were forced to stay inside for most of it. You can imagine how the dude felt about that. No outside play time makes for quite a cranky toddler. I'm looking forward to taking him out today she ... READ the POST

Champagne Saturday: Moz the Cat Gets His Drink On

Happy Saturday! Like the majority of the U.S., we're expecting a sweltering day of up to 104 degrees here in Annapolis but not to worry I'm as cool as a cucumber.  It helps that my Mom is in town for the weekend and we're off to a ladies lunch and movie to beat the heat. Of course we may have to ... READ the POST

Modern Bird Studios, A Great Way To Cherish Memories

Ever feel like you have great photos and just don't know what do with them (other than show them off to all your Facebook friends of course)?  Or maybe you have a photo that evokes strong memories of a special day.  What now?  Well our friends over at Modern Bird Studios, who also recently ... READ the POST