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5 Minute Strawberry Shortcake

I love a good dessert. Who doesn't right? Bwah! Growing up we had a sweet treat after almost every dinner. So, it's no wonder I have been left with a bit of a sweet tooth as an adult! These days it's not an every night affair, but I do tend to make a special dessert at least once or twice a week, ... READ the POST

Tips for Grilling Pizza

Grilled pizza is a perfect summer meal because you don't have to heat up the house with the oven. Read below how easy grilling pizza is. I think I can officially say that pizza is my favorite food. I love it in all its glorious shapes and sizes and it definitely passes the, "If I were stranded on ... READ the POST

Easy Family Dinner, Cheesy Pasta with Bacon and Peas

Read below for a super fast and easy weeknight dinner idea, our cheesy pasta with bacon and peas! I think pretty much all parents are always looking for easy weeknight dinners. Even if it's summer, the kids might be out of school, but us parents are still hard at work. So, we still need simple ... READ the POST

Comfy Athleisure and Loungewear for Home

Ask me what I'm wearing on a typical day of the week and the answer is nearly always some form of comfy athleisure or loungewear. These are most certainly not typical times, but what hasn't changed is my daily uniform. Comfy style is still the name of the game in my world. By stocking my wardrobe ... READ the POST

The Best Strawberry Basil Lemonade Recipe

A Strawberry Basil Lemonade recipe that can be made as is or spiked with Vodka. With ingredients like fresh fruit and herbs, it's perfect for summer entertaining! I love entertaining all summer long and this strawberry basil lemonade recipe is the perfect addition to any summertime menu. The ... READ the POST

Simple Frozen Strawberry Pie Recipe

We're always looking for simple summer desserts to add to our go-to recipes and it doesn't get much easier than this frozen strawberry pie recipe! Now that most of us are officially on summer time, let's talk summer recipes! I'm just loving the warmer temperatures. And you know what that warm ... READ the POST

7 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home can be so amazing, especially as a Mom who loves seeing her kids throughout the day. Also, having my husband right there since we started our video production company has been awesome too. There is also so much time saved for both us from getting ready in the morning to no ... READ the POST

How to Dye Pretty Easter Eggs

I can hardly believe it, but it's definitely time to pull out the Easter decorations and get the house officially ready for Spring. And with all that comes a few time honored traditions that I have always loved. Of course, first and foremost, is dyeing real Easter eggs. That's right. We don't just ... READ the POST

Fresh Peach and Avocado Salsa

This peach and avocado salsa recipe is the perfect way to enjoy the ripe fruits of summer! Like most people, I love a nice bowl of chips and salsa. Whether it’s green salsa or red salsa, it gets me going every time! And because I nosh on salsa at each and every occasion I possibly can, I ... READ the POST

Must Try Healthy Milkshake Recipe

If you love a good old fashioned milkshake like I do, get ready. I have a healthy milkshake recipe for you today that will not leave you feeling like you had to sacrifice taste for health. Because even when we're trying to be super clean with our eating, we need a treat every now and again. Am I ... READ the POST