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Bananas: Fun to Eat and Fun to Play With

So, the dude has been a bit of a finicky eater lately…as in he doesn’t want to eat like EVER. I’ve resorted to trickery to try get food into that little belly of his. I thought this caterpillar confection made of bananas and peanut butter would do the trick. It’s fun to look at. It’s fun to eat. It should be a win win scenario right? Well, it was…for his mama anyway. I enjoyed my caterpillar WAY more than the dude enjoyed his. At least one of us had some Halloween fun. HA!

banana and peanut butter caterpillar

I should try this whole playing with my food thing more often. So, this wasn’t exactly the craftiest venture, but I’d say it qualifies as something I “made” for Halloween no? Hopefully SITS isn’t very strict with their judging. I REALLY want to win the Canon Rebel they’re giving away and I’m willing to jump through a whole lotta hoops do it in case you can’t tell. If ya’ll are dying to make your own caterpillars, I got the “recipe”Β  here.

And speaking of bananas…How delicious does this “Belleicious Banana Pudding Tart” look? Rosebud Network member Kitchen Belleicious is forever tempting me with her delectable dishes!

belleicious banana pudding tart


  1. I adore the idea of playing with food, of course! I’m gonna have to make this caterpillar – it is too cute! (When I was young, my mom used to entice us with “ants on a log” – raisins on generous daubs of peanut butter smeared onto celery sticks – it worked well! :))

  2. i would’ve devoured that little caterpillar of banana goodness. yum!! i used to own a childcare facility and lady i feel your pain. one day they’re eating everything – the next day they’re on a strict diet of nothing. persnickety little people!


  3. I love the banana caterpillar. Can’t wait to try it for a playdate, looks pretty easy too. Thank you for the idea sorry it didn’t work for your little one. My kids have a love hate relationship with bananas. Sometimes they are totally in the mood and will eat a whole one in a gulp. Most of the time they say ‘no’. It also has to be a totally perfect banana. Not green and not ripe.

  4. Although I may not like bananas, but I have to admit these look yummy. Aak, I’be been stepping on millipids lately. I hate bugs, but your catterpillar looks so cute!!

    New post will be up tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Pumpkins bobbing down the street,

  5. Aww, that’s adorable! Hate to tell you, but he may never grow out of this. I’m in high school and I still detest my mother’s pork chops, meatloaf, etc.

  6. Not related to the post, but I’m about to get ALL caught up on your posts- It’s been a crazy week, but I finally added you to my reader (no reason for the procrastination on this- other than Halloween madness, and the fact that I’ve had a hard time getting my own posts up!!)… so no more getting behind on your lovely blog. Oh- following on Twitter now as well. πŸ™‚

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