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Barely There Makeup Perfect for Summer

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Target via Mode Media.

Summer is my hands down favorite time of year. Not only for all the fab outdoor fun but also for the fashion and overall carefree look and feel my beauty routine takes on. With all the heat summer brings, I would rather not go too heavy on my makeup. Rather I love products that protect my skin and leave me feeling fresh and pretty. I want my skin to look great as I run through those sprinklers!

Applying Makeup

And summer is the perfect time of year to transition makeup from day to night without having to take too much time. Here’s how I take my natural look from day to night.

Day Look Essentials

Barely There Day Look

● For a day look that really lets my skin shine, I first make sure to apply sunscreen for protection. I just started using this Bare Republic natural sunscreen and really love it!
● Next I use a tinted moisturizer rather than heavier foundation.
● To add color, I then use the Pixi Palette Bronzette for cheek color. Then using a blush brush, I add some bronzer to really let my skin shine and give me a look that’s a little sun-kissed.
● Using the same palette, I opt for a lighter tone on my eyelids. (I travel often, so I adore that it has everything I need!)
● A sheer lip-gloss and mascara complete the look and leave me feeling pulled together yet still fresh.

Evening Look Essentials

Evening Look

For evening summer fun, I transition my look but still keep it feeling easy. I don’t want to look like I’ve spent my day in front of the vanity. Rather I want it to have an effortless vibe. Here’s how I amp it up ever so slightly.
● In addition to the bronzer, I spray the Pixi glow mist to add a dewy effect. It sets and looks great!
● For my eyes, I use slightly darker hues from my palette and also add eyeliner.
● To finish my make-up, I swap out the sheer gloss for a lipstick with color.
● I also swap out jewelry from delicate pieces to a statement necklace or chandelier earrings at night when I want a little extra sparkle.

And that’s it! I still keep it feeling natural and fun as I transition to night. I’m no expert at makeup, but the more I play with it, the more confident I’m becoming and the more fun I’m having. And of course cruising down the Target beauty aisle is a huge inspiration. How about you? What’s your #TargetStyle and what are your tricks and tips to take a look from day to night?

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