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Our Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

The day after Thanksgiving the holidays officially kick off in our house and that means it’s time to start thinking about all that holiday baking to come. From Christmas cookie exchanges, to parties and even stocking our holiday coffee bar, cookies are in high demand. So, I thought I would share some of our most popular Christmas cookie recipes from over the years. Don’t worry, while some of these treats take a bit longer to prepare, some are super simple and perfect for those times you just want to sneak in a quick baking sesh!

The Best Christmas Cookie Recipes


Gingerbread Oreo Cookies…You don’t technically have to bake these cookies, but they certainly deliver in the cuteness department! They would make a perfect holiday classroom treat. How could the kiddos not smile at those sweet little gingerbread men and women faces!

pretzel kisses

Pretzel Kisses…Ok, clearly we’re partial to the easy to make, pretty to look at “cookies.” Haha! This is another no bake recipe that is seriously festive and takes mere minutes to whip up! These little kisses would really brighten up your holiday party spread!

christmas cookie recipes

Pecan Chocolate Biscotti…This is our most popular recipe of all time and you do have to actually bake them. Bwah! But you seriously need to have our biscotti with steaming cuppa coffee at least once this holiday season! Plus, a batch would make a great gift too!

And for more holiday baking inspiration check out our gingerbread bars recipe…And for even MORE ideas, head over to our Holiday Sweets Pinterest board! It’s check full of tasty treats!

So, who’s ready to get baking? You know this girl is! I already have one Christmas cookies baking date on the calendar with many more on the way I’m sure!

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