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Leather Trimmed Black and Navy Blouse

Navy and black can be a bit tricky. Don’t ya think? What’s even worse is when you can’t figure out if something is actually black or navy. I’ve been there holding up countless tops trying to figure it out in the morning just knowing that later in the day walking in the sun there’s a good chance that my black top isn’t going to really be black at all. Sigh…fashion problems. We’ll this Stitch Fix top is both, I’m happy to report. A black and navy blouse that works with so much! Perfect for today’s Moms Do Spring Style look!

Black and Navy Blouse It came in my most recent Stitch Fix box. I was headed out of town so I didn’t have time to make an unboxing video but I did decide to keep a few items and this was one of my keepers. I tried it on and knew that a faux leather trimmed black and navy blouse would be an easy versatile piece in my closet. Turns out I was right and I’m loving it.
Leather Trimmed Black and Navy Blouse The silhouette on this black and navy blouse is really flattering so tossing it on with a pair of dark jeans like these from mid-rise skinny’s from Target is easy, and the leather trim makes it feel special enough for a dinner out. To glitz it up a bit I paired it with this pretty gold collar necklace.Gold Necklace Also from Target are these new wedges. I’ve seen so many versions of this shoe online and in my Instagram feed, many of which are pretty expensive. When I spied them at Target for $32.99 I couldn’t resist and toss, into the cart they flew. Friends, if you like this look I implore you to save your fancy shoe money and buy this Target version. They look great, come in three shades including black, and are VERY comfortable. Could not be happier with this bargain option.WedgesWhat do you think of this outfit? Do you ever mix up your black and navy in one look or do you like to keep things separate?
Moms Do Spring Style

For today’s Moms Do Spring Style we’re partnering up with My Life Well Loved. Make sure to go check out Heather’s great look!

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