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Fall Drink Recipe: Irish Apple Pie Shooters Recipe

If you're looking forward to fall as much as I am, read on for a fall drink that's definitely worth saving. Irish Apple Pie Shooters are always on my fall recipe must make list! Fall is coming y'all. I can positively feel it in the air! Can't you? Summer was great and all, but I'm ready for ... READ the POST

Easy Apple Tart Recipe

If you're feeling fall fever, this easy apple tart recipe should help. Plus, it's not too heavy, so even if you aren't ready to give up summer, this simple dessert still works! Everyone needs an easy show-stopper dessert in their back pocket in this girl's opinion. I'm talking about one that you ... READ the POST

Super Simple Strawberry Quick Bread Recipe

If you need something new to treat your family and friends to, read on for a super simple strawberry quick bread recipe! Why You Should Make Bread at Home There is one thing that everyone seems to agree on right now and that is we must make bread, lots and lots of bread. Haha! Whether you work ... READ the POST

S’mores Popcorn Recipe

Dressed up popcorn is my one of my family's favorite snacks and we're going to share a delicious popcorn recipe that definitely looks dressed up, s'mores popcorn, below.  One snack that my family always asks for, without fail, it's popcorn. We make at least one batch of it every single week. ... READ the POST

Frozen Spiked Berry Lemonade Recipe

This summer sure has been one for the books, wouldn't you say? Like many of you, we've been spending the bulk of our time at home. Frozen drinks, like this frozen spiked berry lemonade recipe I'm sharing today, have definitely been on the agenda! Seriously, we live by the pool, especially now, ... READ the POST

Christmas in July Treat Idea: Holiday Marshmallow Pops

Are you short on time, but still want to impress your family? Our fabulous festive holiday marshmallow pops are sure to do the trick! Read on to see how easy they are to make for Christmas in July! By the time this part of summer rolls around, I'm usually up to my eyeballs in plans! I'm talking ... READ the POST