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Our First Video Post! Makin’ Smoothies!

So today I'm nervously excited to bring you a BonBon Rose Girls first. IT'S A VIDEOOOO!! Ok, so imagine me singing that in an Oprah-like voice. I must warn you. I'm a little rusty in front of the camera, but hopefully with a little practice I'll stop acting so nervous and feel more natural. What can ... READ the POST

A Friendly Lesson in the Art of Souffle’

Last week I had a great mid-week visit from my good friend Becca. It was a gloomy day on the outside, but on the inside we were all red wine and giggles! Becca is taking a pastry course on her weekends and she means some serious business when it comes to the kitchen. While she was visiting she ... READ the POST

New York Fashion Week & The BonBon Rose Girls

Well, we've been back from NYFW for a few days now and I almost can't believe that it really happened. I was there. Me, a little stay at home Mom from Tampa, FL who decided to start writing about her passion for fashion a little over a year ago went to New York Fashion Week.From seeing ... READ the POST

No Blizzard Can Stop Fashion Week!

I know it's been silent on our end for a few days and that's only due to the whirlwind that was caused by the blizzard. Megan was able to take a train and get to New York earlier in the week and after dealing with canceled flights and a ton of annoyed customer service reps, I was able to snag a seat ... READ the POST

It’s Cookie Time (Woot Woot!)

Who doesn't love the scent of freshly baked cookies?! I mean really, who?! Since its kind of that time of year when we can all forget about our thighs if only for a few fleeting weeks (no bathing suit happening here anytime soon!) I decided to have a handful of my girls over to roll up our sleeves ... READ the POST