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Champagne Saturday Goes Java: Green Style

Happy Champagne Saturday lovelies! For a short week, this one sure seemed long no? Friday night couldn't get here fast enough in my opinion! The hubs got home early, which means 7:00 versus 9:00, so we decided to get the dude out of the house as he was going BONKERS!For our outing I sported a ... READ the POST

Champagne Saturday: The BBR Girls Are Together!

It's Champagne Saturday and we couldn't be happier! Meg flew into Tampa yesterday and of course we stayed up super late chatting the night away. Don't you just love long weekends with friends!? Today we're sporting casual looks and drinkin' OJ as we are off to go run errands in preparation for ... READ the POST

Tanzanian Safari, the Adventure of a Lifetime

It's been almost two weeks since I've been back from Tanzania which means this post is long overdue. It's just so hard to put into words such an amazing experience and I am still pinching myself in disbelief that I was given the opportunity to explore such a place! Hopefully, between my words and ... READ the POST

Africa: A Lifetime of Lessons Learned in Two Weeks

Helloooo my dahlings! You might not have realized, but I have been long gone for the past two weeks and I am so thrilled to be back among you that I want to give everyone a big ol' bear hug! You know, the kind where you are squeezed so tight that you can barely breathe. Consider yourself hugged! A ... READ the POST