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Cuz That’s How I Roll In Ireland, Yo!

I know I've exhausted you all with my tales from the Ireland Road Trip but I'm going to wrap it up here and now. If anyone wants more details or hotel recommendations for Ireland please get in touch! Over the weekend I'll post some great photos that we're still editing.The last time I blogged my ... READ the POST

Dublin, The City the Kicked Us In The Pants!

OK, technically I'm back in the states. The wifi that was widely advertised throughout the last week I was in Ireland tended to be one bar of service in the corner of a hotel lobby, one bar that I could only get if twisted into some insane yoga move laptop in air. Many thanks to Kristin for not only ... READ the POST

Stumbling Upon History

Last weekend we had our first group of family come through for a visit. With the new house our weekends over the next several months are booked solid. Every single family member is coming with the exception of my brother (Thanks Bro! We needed a break!).Living in Annapolis though means instant ... READ the POST

Belfast, A Diamond in the Rough

Who knew that Belfast could be so great? It was the guys’ idea to go to Belfast and Kate and I agreed reluctantly. It greatly exceeded all of my expectations. We checked into the Tara Lodge, a great hotel that I highly recommend, and had enough afternoon sunlight to take a nice walk through the ... READ the POST

Good Morning From Ireland

Hello from Ireland! Its the third day in and since we’re leaving Northern Ireland (the U.K) and headed south to Ireland (the country) today, I thought today would be a good point to stop and post (Don’t worry the whole U.K./Ireland has been a bit confusing for us too!). We got into Belfast ... READ the POST

Does Rachel Bilson ever make a wrong move?

I'm pretty much enamored with everything that Rachel Bilson throws on her body. She's got an innate sense of style that cannot be rivaled by most. This look that she wore to a recent benefit is no exception. The rolled up blazer, printed mini dress and taupe heels scream easy going chic. I am in ... READ the POST