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A Friendly Lesson in the Art of Souffle’

Last week I had a wonderful mid-week visit from my good friend Becca. It was a gloomy day on the outside, but on the inside we were all red wine and giggles! Becca is taking a pastry course on the weekends and she means some serious business when it comes to the kitchen. While she was visiting ... READ the POST

NYC Favorite Spots. So Many Sites, So Little Time!

As you might have read in yesterday's post, we are back from NYC and have had a few days to kick back, rest our poor feet from those super high heels, and reflected on our favorite moments. It just so happened that I was in town longer than most due to work, so I not only got to meet up with ... READ the POST

New York Fashion Week & The BonBon Rose Girls

Well, we've been back from NYFW for a few days now and I almost can't believe that it really happened. I was there. Me, a little stay at home Mom from Tampa, FL who decided to start writing about her passion for fashion a little over a year ago went to New York Fashion Week. From seeing ... READ the POST

Dublin, The City the Kicked Us In The Pants!

OK, technically I'm back in the states. The wifi that was widely advertised throughout the last week I was in Ireland tended to be one bar of service in the corner of a hotel lobby, one bar that I could only get if twisted into some insane yoga move laptop in air. Many thanks to Kristin for not only ... READ the POST

Good Morning From Ireland

Hello from Ireland! Its the third day in and since we’re leaving Northern Ireland (the U.K) and headed south to Ireland (the country) today, I thought today would be a good point to stop and post (Don’t worry the whole U.K./Ireland has been a bit confusing for us too!). We got into Belfast ... READ the POST