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Africa: A Lifetime of Lessons Learned in Two Weeks

Helloooo my dahlings! You might not have realized, but I have been long gone for the past two weeks and I am so thrilled to be back among you that I want to give everyone a big ol' bear hug! You know, the kind where you are squeezed so tight that you can barely breathe. Consider yourself hugged! A ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Photography Made Simple!

Today we have a guest post from none other than my hubby, Floyd. In addition to putting up with my day-to-day craziness (no small feat!), he's also an amazing photojournalist for CNN and has his own photography website ( He's often the eyes behind many of my post's photos and ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Sangria Packs a Sweet Punch

One of my closest friends and all around partners-in-crime, Kate, is amazing in the kitchen. Often when I host dinner parties, she's my go-to for coming early and getting the place in order with apps and cocktails. Today she's here to tell us all about how to make an ol' classic, Sangria, and just ... READ the POST