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Good Morning From Ireland

Hello from Ireland! Its the third day in and since we’re leaving Northern Ireland (the U.K) and headed south to Ireland (the country) today, I thought today would be a good point to stop and post (Don’t worry the whole U.K./Ireland has been a bit confusing for us too!). We got into Belfast ... READ the POST

Does Rachel Bilson ever make a wrong move?

I'm pretty much enamored with everything that Rachel Bilson throws on her body. She's got an innate sense of style that cannot be rivaled by most. This look that she wore to a recent benefit is no exception. The rolled up blazer, printed mini dress and taupe heels scream easy going chic. I am in ... READ the POST

As promised…

So, in this post I'm doing two things I said I wasn't going to do. I'm posting a pic which features my kid as more than a faceless newborn and me in my, not quite as fit as I'd like to be, shape. I realized I was being ridiculously vain and if the dreaded anonymous wants to tell me that I'm fat and ... READ the POST

One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today this little bundle of joy entered my life. Please excuse the horrendous picture. I had just done a lot of huffing and puffing after all. Now, if you lovely readers don't mind, I would like to talk to my little man for a moment.I can't believe you're one my darling boy. I feel ... READ the POST

Urbana, A Dinner Party to Remember

This past Saturday evening I celebrated my birthday with a group of friends at a local Washington, DC restaurant and wine bar, Urbana. The cuisine is Italian and the mood is set with a modern sleek decor and best was that everyone seemed to really love their dishes. My homemade butternut squash ... READ the POST

It’s time to get organized!

Anyone who knows me could tell you that organization is not exactly my strong suit. Call up any one of my roommates over the years and I’m sure they could fill your ear with tales of the disaster area that was my room. Well, now that I’m a parent and trying to work from home I think it’s about time ... READ the POST