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Bust A Move…In Heels!

Things have been a little crazy, like CRA-ZZZYYYY, lately.  All areas of life are imploding around me and I’m just trying to keep a smile on and enjoy the ride.  After all, life’s too short to be bored, right?!   In the midst of the daily chaos, I’m trying to take a few minutes of “me-time” to laugh and relax.  It can be as simple as my coffee and ten minutes on Pinterest, or a fun YouTube video that’s making its way around the office.

For all you fashionistas out there, I thought I would share these two videos that made their way into my inbox.   Hopefully they will bring a little smile in your day and if you don’t start swaying to the second video I’m calling you a liar, ha!

Oh and neither contains content that would get you fired, cuz that would just be mean.  Unless your boss REALLY hates fashion. Enjoy!



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