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Cancun Vacation Video

I’m back!  Of course I’m sure that you were all pining away, utterly lost without me last week.  But of course the world did not fly off its axis and you all managed just fine.  Humph.  Even Kristin, who got left with some of my dirty work, was A Ok.  Don’t worry, I sent her a fun package just before I left to butter her up!  So by now you might be wondering where the heck the Floydster and I took off to.  Well, we decided that a break was needed that included lazing about in the sun, so we cashed in some Marriott points and headed to Cancun for 5 nights.  Below is a mini-recap and make sure to check back later today for pictures of some seriously gorgeous water.  And even though it was an amazing break, it’s always great to be back with you guys, mis amigos!


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