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Why Hiking is Good for Your Marriage

tallulah gorge state park

Today we're going to talk about why hiking is good for your marriage. Who else could really use a getaway alone with their spouse? We all could right? Taking time for ourselves has always been a priority in our marriage. That being said, it's been harder and harder to be plan those parents only trips over the past couple of years. I'm sure you can relate. Even if you don't have a sans kids trip on the books, that's ok. I'm going to talk to you today about an activity that will feel like a...

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Great Kids Books to Gift

Great Gifts to Read

We love giving the gift of reading during the holidays. I mean what could be more special than giving a young reader the chance to explore a new world, build confidence or open their mind to new possibilities? So we've rounded up a list of great kids books to gift for young readers. From toddlers through elementary school there is something that can appeal to every reader. I can't wait to give a few of these to special kids in my life this year. Great Kids Books to Gift I have so many great memories of finding...

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DIY Farmhouse Bucket and Reindeer Feed Craft

reindeer feed craft

Raise your hand if you love farmhouse and holiday anything. Then you're going to want to know how to make your own DIY farmhouse bucket and reindeer feed! Growing up one of the best parts of the holiday season was sitting down with my family to watch the Christmas specials, Rudolph being my favorite. Well, I carried that love for reindeer on into adulthood and when I started having my own kids, I couldn't wait to share that special experience with them. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree because they enjoy those old...

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How I’m Working to Reduce Toxins At Home

Pure Haven Products

Until recently, whenever I heard about another friend "going green" I would kind of tune out. And then a shift started to happen. I started really noticing how many chemicals I was interacting with daily. And not just me, but my children too. And I began to do research, listen to those "gone green" friends, and pay attention at home. I'm now actively working on how to reduce toxins at home and wanted to share with you my experience with Pure Haven. How To Reduce Toxins At Home First let me say that our bodies are amazing....

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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hip Dads

Who's looking for unique Father's Day gift ideas for hip Dads? You don't want to give your Dad or significant other the same old gift everyone else gives their dads. Never fear. We're here to help. Can you even believe Father's Day will be here in a little over two weeks? I've been so caught up by the end of the school year mania, Father's Day has kinda been off my radar. But now that that we're closing in on our first week of summer break, I can now focus on the fella we all...

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Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Once upon a time I was expecting my second child, a girl, dreaming about mother daughter date ideas. You see, my mom always made sure we spent special quality time together and I made that a priority with my son after he was born and then my daughter when she came along. That being said, there are certain activities that my baby girl enjoys more than her brother. Going out for a sweet treat is definitely one of them. Like her mama, my daughter has a bit of a sweet tooth, so I knew she...

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Everything Easter From Amazon Prime

Easter from Amazon Prime

Are you a last minute holiday "throw it all in the cart" parent like me? If so then this post is for you my friend. Sure I have several friends in my Mom tribe who have been planning elaborate Easter baskets for ages. I applaud their mighty efforts. But that just ain't me. Sure I love the holiday but I just get so busy and then all of a sudden it's staring me in the face. Well don't stress. This is your guide to Everything Easter from Amazon Prime. Just make sure to put it...

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