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How to Get The Most From Your Day

Filming the Capitol

Ever wonder how to get the most from your day? Do you feel like there just aren't enough hours in the work day? Or that the To Do list is an unwieldy beast that refuses to go away? Over the past two years, I've been really focused on how I can work smarter, not harder. And that has come into use now more than ever while I manage two businesses and a family. Here's how I stay sane while being my most productive. How to Get The Most From Your Day Last year my husband Floyd...

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Printable Emoji Valentine’s Day Cards

Who wants some free printable emoji Valentine's Day cards?! I knew you would! I bet your kids are as obsessed with emojis as mine are right?! A couple years ago my son figured out how to text from his iPad and would interject his emoji heavy thoughts into my text threads because somehow my texts were connected to his tablet. Bwah! Until I was able to stop that, my bestie had to deal with seeing poop emojis on the regular. Hahaha! So, being that emojis are still quite popular in my house, I thought emoji...

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Our Best Time Management Tips for Moms

Happy 2018! I don't know about you lovelies, but I, for one, am thrilled to say hello to a brand new year! 2017 definitely had its highs, but it also had its fair share of lows and I'm ready to take on a new year and embrace the fresh start it gives us. On the subject of lows, one of the hardest things for me last year was finding that elusive balance between family and work. I love what I do and I live for my family, so finding a healthy way for the two...

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Minted Family Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards from Minted

It's the time of year that gets me really excited to check the mailbox! I just LOVE getting holiday cards from all our friends and family. We pour over them each night and enjoy pointing out everyone to the boys. It's such a sweet tradition and I'm thrilled to send out my Minted family holiday cards this year. Minted Family Holiday Cards For the past few years, both Kristin and I have used Minted to send out our holiday cards. They typically feature a family photo since we have growing children and our family seems to really...

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Holiday Gift Guide for Boys

Gift Guide for Boys

With three boys between us and a lot of little nephews, if it's one thing Kristin and I both know it's fun gifts for our dudes. We've rounded up all our favorite boy gifts for this holiday season. So check out this Gift Guide for Boys to make your shopping easier than ever. Gift Guide for Boys Spider-Man Blast-N-Go - This classic figurine comes with a motorcycle. Even better it comes with a launcher and projectile sure to bring smiles of delight. Mini Basketball Hoop and Ball - This basketball hoop set fits over the door...

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Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

Gift Guide for Girls

Today we're sharing our favorite holiday surprises, sure to delight the little ladies in your life. This gift guide for girls features our favorite items for all ages from toddler to tween. It's enough to make you want to be a little kid again on Christmas morning! Gift Guide for Girls Camper Play Tent - This classic tent works for all kids to play in for years. From reading nook to wild adventures it's one that gets the imagination going. Bonus in that it has that wow factor for kids waking up to find this near...

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Lands’ End Gift Card Giveaways: #SantaForADay

I don't know about you, but the holiday season has me all kinds of excited this year. It could be because it will be our first Christmas in our new home. It could also be because it's been a really long year and I just need to experience a little holiday magic. Or it could be because it's simply too hard to not feel an innate sense of joy this time of year. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful for the feeling and hope that you too are taking in the magic of the season. And...

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