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Guest Post: Sangria Packs a Sweet Punch

One of my closest friends and all around partners-in-crime, Kate, is amazing in the kitchen. Often when I host dinner parties, she's my go-to for coming early and getting the place in order with apps and cocktails. Today she's here to tell us all about how to make an ol' classic, Sangria, and just in time for summer! I was the recipient of this Sangria last weekend and let me tell you, it's crazy good! So without further adieu...

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Discovering Decals

A few months back I had mentioned to my friend Angie that I wanted to wall paper a single wall in my bedroom. I told her that while I wanted to tackle the wall I was too nervous because now that we live in what I affectionately call the "Forever House" I knew that in 5 years when I could no longer stand the sight of the wall paper I would be the one scraping it off the walls. Oh I know it would probably be worth it but the mental image alone has kept...

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