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Champagne Saturday: Costa Rica Nights

Happy Champagne Saturday darlings!  This weekend, we thought we would share a pic of us together on our way out to dinner in Costa Rica.  Two of our four nights we all headed into the nearby town of Jaco to try the local cuisine and dress up a bit.  Don’t you just love the long carefree meals you get to experience on vacation?!  I think its one of my favorite things about traveling, and we certainly took advantage on our trip!

What Kristin is wearing: Kristin is looking gorgeous in a Sir Alistair Rai tie-dye maxi dress and African rolled paper beads.  It was very humid so I was uber jealous of her ability to wear her hair straight or curly.

What Megan is wearing: At 6 months pregnant, there is no minimizing this baby bump and all the “curves” that are coming along with it.  So I decided to embrace them with this form fitting Isabella Oliver ruched t-shirt dress that Kristin actually picked out for me.  The earrings are from Banana Republic.

Here’s to a great weekend for all!


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