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Champagne Saturday

It’s a gorgeous weekend here in Annapolis, and I am all about stuffing in those last few summer moments into the next few days. From grilling hotdogs to hitting up the pool to even running barefoot in the grass, if it says summer I am on it! Today I am off to check out a wedding venue on the water with my newly engaged friend, Joni. Not wanting to look too low rent at a nice place I thought I better actually shower and put on a dress. No small feat when you, three days later, still have guys working on house projects running in and out. I’m wearing a linen sun dress from Max Studio, an Anthropologie head band, starfish earrings from Devon Baer, and thanks to watching Midtown Girl’s vlog last week, I was inspired to wrap a necklace from H&M into a bracelet. What a great idea!

Two weeks ago during my last Champagne Saturday post, Gleenn from Creative Fashion mentioned that she rarely sees me actually drinking Champagne (must admit, I’m kind of a martini girl). Well girlfriend this one is for you! Champagne is definitely the way to kick start wedding venue shopping, ha!

How about you? What do you have planned on this gorgeous weekend? Anything fun you’re wearing? Just let us know and send us a link so we can all share in the fun!


  1. Lily Lemontree (AS) says

    Unfortunately, my weekend has nothing in store for me as fun as sipping champagne! Getting the kiddies ready for the first day of school (Tuesday!) and end of season cleaning of the disaster that used to be my house! Enjoy the champs for both of us!!

  2. Christina Gough says

    You are looking quite sassy in your matching dresss and nails, darling! Enjoy! I am sporting cut off denim shorts, a tank and a vintage feather pin in my hair today. Not my most fab look, but good for the new beach city we are going to visit today. Enjoy!


  3. Claire says

    HaHa good for you! I don’t actually like champane that much, give me a white wine spritzer instead!
    I’m working this weekend, busy busy times on Felixstowe will be full of artists selling ther wares, i may be able to sneak out and have a looksee myself! πŸ™‚

  4. Stephanie Ruby Feldman says

    Not wearing anything fun…staying at home sipping my bubbly….but I did post a blog today about what I would love to be wearing, with photos. Oh by the way I am obsessed with those headbands from Anthro! I am saving to get one !

  5. Daphne says

    Sounds like a fun weekend. I am enjoying the nice heat wave in LA this weekend then returning home to host friends and family over for a pool BBQ on labor day on Monday.

  6. Gracie says

    Ahh anything summer sounds pretty perfect to me. Gorgeous outfit and why not dress up and have a little champagne for finding a wedding venue.

    It’s a time for celebration!

  7. Purses Pastries Etc... says

    I love that you set a day aside for Champagne!!
    To be honest, this weekend I was enjoying it finally feeling ever so slightly cooler — heat in the summer is great and needed but it can get a bit extreme here!
    Great photo — pretty dress!!

  8. Melissa B. says

    Well, we’re enjoying the final weekend of summer in Maryland, too, only at the opposite end of the state. Soaking in the rays and the crisp mountain breezes with friends up at Deep Creek Lake. We had no champagne on our menu, but we did enjoy some fruity pinot noir. School starts tomorrow. Boo-hoo! πŸ™

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