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Champagne Saturday: Hats Off to the Kentucky Derby!

It’s Saturday, and not just any Saturday but it’s the Kentucky Derby! The time honored tradition of horse races in good ol’ Louisville, Kentucky, that lets face it is more about the hats and mint juleps than it is those gorgeous horses! I was lucky enough to go to the Derby a few years ago. I was excited to wear my hat and see the Derby in person, but once there I was blown away by the amazing hats and outfits all the women were wearing. Its enough to bring the southern belle out of any girl! Just reminiscing I think calls for fixing myself a mint julep and kickin’ back for the weekend!

Why not grab your fanciest hat and join in the fun? No matter what you decide to don, remember you can join in our Champagne Saturday festivities by grabbing our button from the sidebar and leaving us the link to your post showing us what you are or would like to be wearing and a yummy beverage! Most of all remember it’s Saturday! Take some time for yourself to relax and have a quiet moment!

p.s. The winner of the Ruche gift certificate is the lovely Nikolett from Better Than Coffee! Don’t forget to enter our SATC 2 giveaway. The last day to enter is tomorrow!


  1. Liz says

    can you tell i am behind in my blog reading…

    i watched the kentucky derby last saturday and was so enthused with it's entirety. i am fond of horses and love them. this is one event i would love to experience in my lifetime, especially the perfect excuse to go all out with the biggest and prettiest hat of them all. in love with the idea.

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