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Champagne Saturday Revisited

As I gear up to head to Target tomorrow for the re-elease of 34 dresses from their Go International designer collaborations, I thought it would be a good time to look back on one of my favorite Target/designer collab scores. This Liberty of London for Target maxi dress is from a Champagne Saturday post almost a year ago. I wore that bad boy like it was going out of style last spring and summer and I’m planning on doing so again this season. The fabric is nice to the touch, which isn’t always the case with budget collaborations, and the sweet ruffle is so delightfully feminine. Plus, it plays right into my current obsession with seventies style!

liberty of london for target maxi dress

I’m hoping that my Target trip tomorrow yields some purchases that make me as happy as this maxi does! What about you lovelies? Do you plan on braving the crowds to try and snag your own dress? If so, which one is on your list?



  1. meghan says

    Do you think that all Targets are going to have the dresses? And do you really think they’ll sell out quickly? Any word of what time they’ll be online?

  2. Ria says

    I’m pretty excited that Target is re-releasing some of their pieces because there’s definitely a few I missed. I love the dress you’re wearing!

  3. caitlin says

    ahhh you look phenomenal!! I want to go to Target but I promised myself I wouldn’t shop!!! However, I am hoping my sister will buy me a gift 🙂

  4. Jen says

    I’m actually in Palm Beach at the moment. Took a stroll down Worth Ave this morning. Think the dresses at Chanel are a bit beyond my price range.

  5. Reva says

    Hi my lovely Bon-Bon !!!!
    I found 3 pair of shoes at Targei’ the other day and a pair of chunky sandals for under 10 dollars, a cute pair of cloth sandals and some cloth super floral flippies !!!!!
    I spent under 40 bucks for all three !!!
    Youlokk gorgeous !!!!

  6. Daphne says

    This is a great dress. I am dying to check out what they bring. Do not much confidence in our local stores selection so hoping online selection will be available.

  7. Jacqueline M says

    I got this dress too, for a wedding, but I never ended up wearing it. I thought it was pretty but I just never felt like myself in it. Have no idea where the dress is now. My favorite score is the Libertine black dress with cream cut out neckline. I love this dress, always receive compliments on it, and people are shocked when they find out it’s from Target.

  8. Kirstin Marie says

    Great dress! Target is one of my FAVORITES!! I can never not get anything when I go in there. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, a very dangerous one! I cannot wait for their re-release of the Go International line.

  9. Mallory says

    I like some of the designer collabs they’ve done, but I have no desire to hit Target on the weekend, especially the day those new dresses come out! (Not like I have the money to go shopping for clothes anyway!) Good luck on your own search though!

  10. Cat says

    Girl, you look amazing! I love your hair in that shot 🙂 I just ordered some dresses online from Tar-jey…afordable and stylish (score!) xx Cat

  11. Polly says

    Fabulous fabulous dress. My mum dressed me top to toe in liberty when I was a little girl. I can’t help but wish she still had a fabric stash, a liberty maxi dress sounds like the perfect answer for summer.

  12. Krystal/Village says

    Kristin! You are so so pretty. And also, in response to your comment – you guys don’t have word verification and I LOVE it everytime I visit 😉 Show us your swag from Targeyyyy:)

  13. Shea says

    I love that dress–I’d keep rocking it this year too if I were you! I’m trying to hold myself back from checking out the re-launch at Target, but I many not hold out long!

  14. Gracie says

    You look so lovely in your maxi. It makes me want to try them out again.

    I don’t think I’ve ever gone to an opening/release before. I just don’t want to face crowds.

  15. Tara Jobe says

    Very cute! I hope you found an awesome dress today! I didn’t make it there yet, but will hopefully there will still be some styles left later this week!

  16. Cindy says

    The dress looks amazing on you!!! There are a few dresses I’m dying to try on but I’m afraid I was too scared to brave the crowds (: Hopefully they’re still there later this week so I can check it out!

  17. Jules says

    I remember when you got that dress! I still love it and the fact that it includes 3 trends in 1. The Liberty of London collection was very nice.

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