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City Girl Goes Country at Kinder Farm Park

Words can not express how beautiful our weather was here in the Mid-Atlantic this weekend.  Bright blue skies with a side of OH YEAHHHH!  Sunday I woke up and just needed to get out of the house.  Those sunshine rays were calling and I’d had it with all the tile guys and electricians in and out of my house (although I totally heart you all if you’re reading this).  I had read an article about a park that boasted several barns from the early 1900’s which peaked my curiosity.  So Floyd and I bought Subway subs and chips packed a picture perfect picnic and were on our way.  Kinder Farm Park sits on 288 acres of land in Ann Arundel county, Maryland, and has a rich history in the area, and for this city girl, it has just enough nature without being too rustic (aka: clean bathrooms).

After tackling a two mile trail, we found a shady spot to eat our lunch and then went off to explore the barns.  I was shocked to discover actual animals still living in said barns.  Clearly I had not read the entire article on the park.  From HUGE pigs, cute sheep, and even a goat that might have just been a little too friendly (see over zealous goat below), it was a chance for us to escape from the everyday for a few hours.  Plus, don’t we all often forget how many wonderful gems are just a short drive away?  I know I do!  For anyone in the area, I highly recommend an afternoon trek, especially those who have bikes, dogs or kids, of which I have none, but quickly realized it was bike/doggy/kiddo heaven.  If you’re like me, I promise a pair of sneakers is all you need to take it in.  So how about it?  Anyone take any great weekend or day escapes?  Any great parks in your area to share?

Clearly I didn’t read the sign about not feeding goats until it was a teensy bit too late!

(all photos by Floyd Yarmuth)


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