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Spring Cleaning: Operation Closet Clean Out

Spring Cleaning: Closet Clean Out

I think I’ve mentioned that right now I’m all about getting the house organized. Not a whole lot got done while I was pregnant. In fact I kinda just stuffed things into drawers and in closets and then stuck my feet up. It was worth it but its time to pay the piper and get organized.

First up on the list of closet organization is what I affectionately call the “mega closet” in the basement. I find that it helps set the tone if you cup your hands over your mouth and shout “MEGA CLOSET!!”. We are so lucky to have a closet this big but it makes it really easy to throw things in there and then let them hide out for oh about two years. This closet is about 20 feet long and includes the area under the staircase. My goal was to go through it, pitch a lot of unneeded items, and then divide it into two main sections; toy storage and gift wrapping/DIY storage. Having the two sets of doors means that in an ideal world, kids can go into one side for toys and not touch the glue gun on the other. I mean I can dream that’s how this will work, right? Here’s the closet before:

Wide Closet View

Closet Before

It sure is pretty, ha! Did I mention that lucky for me, I have a bestie that gets high on labeling things? She lovingly came over and spearheaded the event. Everyone needs someone present to shame them into throwing away that three legged reindeer decoration (can you spy it in the photo above?). Armed with post it notes, garbage bags, a selection of new bins and a label maker, we got to work. Just going through the gift wrapping alone was a chore!

Piles of gift wrap

Following her advice, once we had gone through everything and divided things into keep, donate, and trash piles we organized the closet. We were careful to first use post-its to pre-label things to make sure that the items worked in their new location.

Pre-Labeled Craft Supplies

Once done we went to work with the label maker and made everything look snazzy! It’s pretty life changing when you label everything! Here’s the before and after looking down the closet to the left.

Closet Before and After

The second shelving unit that we put together for toy storage, we purposely left space on. I’d like to ideally move some of the toys from upstairs down to the basement so that the rest of the house doesn’t quite feel like the toys are taking over our life. We spend so much more time outside in the Spring and Summer so it makes sense to get them out of the way right now.
Toy Organization

Art Supplies OrganizedAnd don’t all my craft and gift wrapping supplies look so nice and neat?! Ashley organized the gift bags by theme within the larger bags and so far it really seems to work for quickly finding a gift bag and keeping them nice.

Organized Closet
Organized gift wrap
Labeled Craft SuppliesAfter a full day’s work we headed out for some much deserved wine. And I checked a big one off the ol’ To Do list! Up next I’m going to town on the linen closet. I can just hear those old sheets shaking in fear, ha!

Are you cleaning out closets this spring? What’s your favorite tip or method for getting the job done?


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