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It’s Time for Me to Take a Breather (and it’s giveaway winners announcement time!)

Hi, my name is Kristin and I am officially exhausted. I have been running at full speed since Friday and I reeeeeeeeally need to take a load off tonight and put my feet up. Between the hubs being gone all weekend, me trying to make our house look like it has some semblance of order and handing bloggy business, I haven’t had a moment of down time.

Ok, I did take an hour off last night to ogle Jax on Sons of Anarchy.

charlie hunnam

Image via Charlie Hunnam Online

I’m not a total martyr…but that hour simply wasn’t enough. So, I am going to hit up the ‘bucks after dinner and sample my favorite fall drink, none other than the PSL (pumpkin spice latte). Once you’ve consumed the massive amount of PSLs that I have, I bet you’ll start abbreviating the name too. HA!

Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a lovely new mug from which to sip my deletable treat? As much as I am a self admitted accessories addict, the same can be said about me and mugs. If I had the storage space, I’m certain I would have a massive collection by now! And of course, where else would I go but Etsy to satisfy my coffee cup craving? I could seriously browse Etsy for hours simply looking at mugs. How ridiculous is that? Oh well. That’s how I roll!

coffee mugs

From left to right: Mug Cup Oyako at Collemoki, Painted Travel Mug Colorful Birds at Pretty My Drink, Winter Mugs at Mary Elizabeth Arts, I Love You Mug at Studio 35, Put the Kettle on Love Coffee Mug at Mr. PS

p.s The winner of the Charm Design Zipper Pouch is the lovely lady behind Melanie’s Randomness. Email us your fabric choice and mailing info when you have a moment lady! And the winner of the Lulu’s shopping spree is A Lucky Dame! We chose both winners with Don’t fret if you didn’t win lovelies. We have two more amazing giveaways for you tomorrow!

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