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Custom Curtains

I know I’ve droned on and on in the past about how I’d like to redo my home office, or if not redo it at least finish it up so that it doesn’t look like a room just thrown together with the left overs.  Here’s a pic of me in it some time ago (notice the long hair and pre-baby bod, ha!).  What you can’t see in this photo is the rest of the room.  The windows are bare and it could use some love overall.

So, I set out on a mission to start with curtains before Thanksgiving.  Although the more I looked, everything I loved was way too pricey.  I was not willing to spend $600 plus on curtains for the home office.  I have too many other needs in more trafficked areas of the house.  Then it hit me.  My love of all loves, ETSY!  I did a quick search and sure enough there are plenty of less expensive options on  And I love supporting a small business and getting a custom feel.  I quickly narrowed it down to these three picks.  I’ve placed my order but before I tell would love to hear which one has your vote?

Is it this navy and white Greek key pattern? Or do you think I went for the softer ikat feeling?  Or maybe you think I ended up with the modern links?  What’s your vote?  I’ll reveal my answer once I have the bad boys in hand and hung!!


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