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Cuz That’s How I Roll In Ireland, Yo!

I know I’ve exhausted you all with my tales from the Ireland Road Trip but I’m going to wrap it up here and now. If anyone wants more details or hotel recommendations for Ireland please get in touch! Over the weekend I’ll post some great photos that we’re still editing.

The last time I blogged my tired rear-end was in the back seat of a small sad car waving good-bye to Dublin. It was on to Kilkenny. In just a few short hours we stopped in this charming medieval town and checked into the Ormonde Hotel. This hotel was everything our hotel in Dublin was not. Clean, well lit, lacking a gi-normous night club right below our room, etc. Basically we all were skipping with glee down the corridors.

We ventured out and went to have lunch and tour a proper castle. Then after resting and good supper of stew we decided to do a self-imposed walking bar crawl. Several pubs and pints in, we wandered into a place where no one bothered to take the name down. Its sad really because we had such a wonderful time. We ended up meeting Liam, a lovely man who’s good friend owned the bar but was too far gone to work it that night. Liam now in charge, also happened to have some female company with him from Dublin and after some great conversation he turned the responsibility of DJ over to me. I am not even kidding. Then once the bar was legally supposed to close we somehow ended up having a covert after hours party til the wee hours of the morn (I think mostly to my great tune selection!). In walks Davey, a great looking Irish man who pops in a cd and wouldn’t you know it, its him singing. Apparently he is part of the Kilkennys, an Irish boy band of sorts. He was great fun and we all ended up signing and dancing the night away. So the great part is he wants their new single, Shine On Kilkenny, to knock off the Black Eyed Pees as the #1 on their charts. You can listen here. I kid you not, he led us into some great versions of this song and beware it immediately got stuck in all our heads! Its a tad cheesy but man does it have a great chorus when its 2 am and you heartily need to have a sing-a-long!

View of Kilkenny from tower

The gang with our new friends Liam and Davey

The rest of the trip (Cork, Kinsale, Dingle, Kilarney) was a blast and we tackled some of the most breathtaking cliffs and scenery I have ever seen! Happy, a bit fatter from all the potatoes “chips”, and re-energized to take on the world, I returned. So until next time Ireland, Shine On!

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