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Daddy Daughter Date Night Idea: Bob Evans

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Watching the relationship between my husband and my daughter flourish has been one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s the kind of relationship I longed for as a little one and to see my baby girl so beloved by her daddy and to see the way her eyes light up whenever he’s around brings me so much joy. So, when he started taking her on daddy daughter “dates,” my heart melted all the more. Their dates can be something as exciting as a day at an amusement park or something as simple as a dinner out. It doesn’t really matter what’s on their agenda, because it’s all about connecting. In fact, I think they have some of their best times when they’re hangin’ at a low key kinda of place. And that’s why Bob Evans is right up their daddy daughter date night alley!



They headed over to Bob Evans recently and while our lil’ lady bean enjoyed the kids’ menu (the fun straw was a BIG hit), the hubs indulged in some home style cookin’ from their 3-course slow roasted dinner menu. If my hubs loves one thing…it’s turkey. In fact, when we discovered our mutual love of Thanksgiving dinner it was a big bonding moment for us. Haha! So, obviously he went for the slow-roasted turkey and dressing. Did you know their turkey is sourced straight directly from Midwest farms? Bob Evans is all about fresh ingredients which I definitely appreciate. If turkey isn’t your jam, other options include slow-roasted pot roast, slow-roasted pork and mushrooms and more! Some locations even have 3-course broasted chicken and steak dinners. Mmmmmm!




A classic dinner salad arrived and pumpkin bread arrived before his turkey and dressing and the meal ended with an ice cream sundae which he shared with his date. Are they a cute couple or what? I mean ice cream and her daddy? Can you tell our daughter was in heaven?!?


So, if you’re looking for home cookin’ that will fill your family up, head over to Bob Evans and check out their 3-course dinners! It’s the perfect daddy daughter date night!


  1. Jess Benoit says

    Such a sweet post! My family & I seriously love Bob Evans. It is one of our go-to restaurants when we actually go out. Their food really is great and we love the bread baskets!

  2. Petro @ Creative Homemaking says

    Aww, they look so sweet together! My heart melts every time I see dads and their little princesses going out on date nights. It looks like Bob Evans is a great place to spend some quality daddy/daughter time. Your guys seemed to have had lots of fun together.

  3. Michele says

    Your daughter obviously loves being with her Daddy–such a happy face! I don’t think we have a Bob Evans restaurant near me or I would be there for the pumpkin bread alone-not to mention that turkey dinner!!!!

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