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Discovering Decals

A few months back I had mentioned to my friend Angie that I wanted to wall paper a single wall in my bedroom. I told her that while I wanted to tackle the wall I was too nervous because now that we live in what I affectionately call the “Forever House” I knew that in 5 years when I could no longer stand the sight of the wall paper I would be the one scraping it off the walls. Oh I know it would probably be worth it but the mental image alone has kept me from trying. Angie suggested that I try wall decals instead to get a fun wall paper look for less mess and money. I started looking into it and have several stellar ideas. Turns out there are a ton of great decals out there! Even better, many of my favorites we’re all found on one of my favorite one site stops, Etsy. Here are some of my favs.

This Japanese Spring image from Etsy show Tezis is so serene and pretty. Doesn’t this image just make you want to fix yourself a bath?!

These paisley decals from shop Figgy and Wink are so much fun and shown here with a bright background really set the tone for a statement that sings of girl power!

Between the burst of greenery and the whimsy of the kitchen utensils, Circle Line Studio has a large variety of decals to choose from. I just love how both of these are used in a fun way that would be a warm welcome surprise when walking into the room.

So now I’m turning to you out there. Have you ever seen a decal wall done that you love? Is this worth a go for my bedroom?


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