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DIY Farmhouse Bucket and Reindeer Feed Craft

Raise your hand if you love farmhouse and holiday anything. Then you’re going to want to know how to make your own DIY farmhouse bucket and reindeer feed! Growing up one of the best parts of the holiday season was sitting down with my family to watch the Christmas specials, Rudolph being my favorite. Well, I carried that love for reindeer on into adulthood and when I started having my own kids, I couldn’t wait to share that special experience with them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because they enjoy those old school “specials” as much as I did and still do. So, they get especially excited about tending to Santa’s flying helpers on Christmas Eve. And that goes double now that we see deer in the conservation area behind our home nearly every day.

Now we always leave his reindeer some carrots and a ball of water along with the big guy’s milk and cookies. Well, this year I thought I would add to the magic by making reindeer feed with my little ones. And what’s a cuter way to display reindeer feed than in a farmhouse bucket? There’s no better way in this Fixer Upper lovin’ girl’s book! So, let’s talk about how easy it is to make these crafts shall we? And since this reindeer feed is real, we can leave it out for our little neighborhood deer friends too!

DIY Farmhouse Bucket and Reindeer Feed Craft

diy farmhouse bucket supplies


small galvanized bucket (you can usually find one at Michael’s)
chalkboard label
chalk marker
dried oats or oatmeal
sugar sprinkles (do not use glitter, glitter is not edible for animals)


chalkboard label

1. In a bowl, mix 1 cup of the dried oats or oatmeal along with a generous tablespoon of sugar sprinkles.
2. Pour the mixture into the bucket.
3. Creating your farmhouse bucket is easy. On a chalkboard label, write FEED with a chalk marker. Allow to dry.
4. Remove the label and place it over the front of the farmhouse bucket. Smooth it out to avoid wrinkles.
5. Finish by tying a piece of twine to the handle of the bucket.

farmhouse bucket

Voila. You have super cute farmhouse inspired DIY reindeer feed that can be displayed until Christmas eve. Then ou and your kiddos can can sprinkle the feed around your yard (or in an area where you know animals would enjoy it) for Santa’s reindeer’s to see! My bet is other neighborhood critters will enjoy it, too. Remember…make sure you use only sugar sprinkles and never glitter or non edible decor in the mixture. Happy crafting!

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Now that you know how to make a DIY farmhouse bucket and reindeer feed craft, for even more holiday fun that your kids are sure to enjoy, check out our super cute snowman treats! They’re the kind of craft kids can eat! And for you mamas, we’re loving these tips for how to decorate your home’s entry for the holidays!

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