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DIY Pom Poms: Easter Bunnies

DIY pom poms

Hi everyone! I’m Natasha Woloschuk, author of the ebook Fun and Simple Crafts for Kids. I’m so excited to be sharing this DIY pom poms project with Bon Bon Rose Girls today just in time for Easter.

For years I worked with young children at summer day camps, and every year it was the same. After weeks of making daily crafts with the kids our crafts supplies would be down to a handful of popsicle sticks, some glue, some paint, and bags and bags of pom poms. We never used pom poms for anything (unlike the popular construction paper and barrel beads), so at the end of one summer I decided to get creative.

I made a pom pom pig, it was a huge hit with the kids, and ever since then I’ve been looking for new ways to use these balls of fluff to make adorable animal pals. The steps to make a pom pom bunny are simple.

-2 large white pom pom balls
-2 medium-sized white pom pom balls
-5 small white pom pom balls
-2 pieces of pink pipe cleaner, each 1/2 an inch long
-2 large googily eyes
-1 small square of white foam sheet
-1 small green pom pom *(optional)
-1 piece of orange pipe cleaner, 1/2 an inch long *(optional)


1. First attach the head of the bunny to the body. Take the two large white pom poms and glue them together with liquid or hot glue. Press and hold the pom poms together until the glue has dried.

2. Glue four of the small white pom poms onto the under-side of the bunny’s tummy in a square shape to form the feet. Take the last small pom pom and glue it to the back of the bunny to make the tail.

3. Take the medium-sized white pom poms and glue them side-by-side on the bunny’s head to make the two large ears. Finish the ears by folding both pink pipe cleaners in half, and them gluing each one onto a separate ear.

4. Glue two googily eyes to the front of the bunny’s face.

5. Finish the bunny with the mouth and nose. Take the white piece of foam and draw a small upside-down triangle. Then draw two curved lines starting at the bottom of the triangle to form the mouth. Finish the mouth by drawing two squares under the curved lines to make teeth.

6. Now that your bunny is done, you can choose to make a carrot for it. Fold the orange pipe cleaner in half, and then glue the small green pom pom over the fold. That’s it! If you have additional supplies you can make a small garden of carrots for your pom pom bunny.

Thank you to Kristin and Megan for sharing my DIY pom poms project. If you’d like to see more craft ideas like this one feel free to head over to my website


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