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DIY Rhinestone Trim Vases

Hello loves! Ok…Who loves to save money and time? Um – YES PLEASE! Here is a SUPER simple DIY (honestly it could not get any easier). AND it is SUPER budget friendly too! Let’s talk about how to make easy DIY rhinestone trim vases!

So, here’s how it all started… I absolutely LOVE wedding bouquets. In fact, I find them to be quite fabulous! However, I find it so sad that many times they are carried for the ceremony, held in pictures and then cast aside during the reception. I love when I see the bouquets displayed after the ceremony – hello – can we say saving MORE money by having the bouquets double as reception decor??

I saw these beautiful cylinder vases with rhinestones on etsy for a whopping (cough cough) $95 for a set of 3! A little too pricey for this frugal bride!

dollar tree vases

My florist gave me this amazing tip about The Dollar Tree. Yes, that’s right I said The Dollar Tree. Are you sitting down? Perfect cylinder vases at The Dollar Tree for – you guessed it – ONE DOLLAR. My fabulous florist then gave me a tip on this AWESOME site – – where I purchased rhinestone edging for $8!!! I made 5 vases for $13 and I love them!! Woot woot! Go me!

Here’s what you need to make your rhinestone trim vases:
rhinestone edging
glue gun
gluesticks for glue gun
towel (to work on)

1) Wrap rhinestone edging to fit around top (or base or middle if you prefer) and cut. I then used the first one that I cut as the template for the next 4.
2) Lay rhinestone edging flat on towel. Place glue (carefully) around the edges.
3) Immediately lay the cylinder vase on its side on the rhinestone edging and roll until it is wrapped around the entire vase.
4) Let glue cool.
5) Admire your craftsmenship that will take you less than 5 minutes!!!

rhinestone trim

*** Tip: ask your florist what size vase you should purchase. I ordered based on what my florist recommended would best accommodate the bouquets. Also, I plan to put some pretty stones in the vase to weigh it down and avoid it tipping over.

rhinestone trim vases

*** One last amazing tip: you can order vases in BULK if you need from The Dollar Tree website. How awesome is that??? Now who’s ready to make their own rhinestone trim vases?!

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