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Dressing up old windows

I don’t know about you all but I’ve had one of those weeks that call for a strong drink.  In fact, two.  Straight up with a twist.  Yesterday I received several calls from friends and fam who were going through crappy things.  Everyone’s situation was different but bottom line is that a lot of people close to me are going through a really hard time.  My heart goes out to each and every one.  Love you all!

On a brighter note, I’m hunkering down for a few days while a few house projects get tackled, including the installation of that total splurge light fixture from Restoration Hardware I hinted about last week.  Don’t worry, there will definitely be pics!  The other project is new tile in both our bathrooms.  “Why Megan, I thought you just built a house, why would you ever need brand new bathroom tile?” you might ask.  Ahhh…well, I would say back to you, its a long complicated story that involves the recall of the tile mud that they use to stick the tile to the floor.  Slight problem.  Its not sticking.  When you walk on it, it makes the sounds of Rice Crispies. Great cereal, but not what you want to hear when you step out of the shower.  So I have a small army here over the next two days to rip it up and reinstall.  Fun times.  Thankfully it was caught in time so that we are not responsible and the end result will be gorge!

Ok, so now lets get down to the good stuff!  Decorating, of course, mwahhhh!  Last weekend I was having a conversation with my friend Angie and thought some of you out there might be having the same decorating issue she has.  Angie lives in a gorgeous older home in DC.  When she went to install nice wood blinds a few months ago she realized that her windowsill depth actually wasn’t wide enough.  Literally the only types of blinds she could hang are the little metal ones, which lets face it, have kind of a office-like vibe.  We came up with a few solutions to dress up those glass beauty’s without the use of blinds.

Layering a shade with long curtains softens the look and still solves the small windowsill issue.

Layering a shade with long curtains softens the look and still solves the small windowsill issue. Photo from HGTV.

Bamboo shades that can be hung from the outside of the window.

Roman shades, soft and classic. A great alternative to blinds!

When all else fails, a bright curtain from Pottery Barn Teen does the trick!

So any other suggestions that don’t break the bank but still get rid of the ghastly metal blinds?  Thoughts on what we’ve come up with?


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